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Del Blaylock Speaks on How to Dress for Success

"Business Casual is Too Casual."

Del Blaylock, Motivational Speaker
How to Dress for Success: Del Blaylock, Motivational Speaker
Golden Needle owner Del Blaylock has made
"Dress for Success" more than a business
motto. He actually lives it. And he is a
critically acclaimed public motivational
speaker and seminar presenter on the topic,
at industry and business conferences all
around the nation.

After 53 years in the high-end tailoring
business, Del has to share a thing or two on
how to master the secret code of dressing right
for real success. Companies, industry
associations and Rotary Clubs turn to him for
his humorous and pointed talks.

Del Blaylock's advice: In today's corporate
world,  "business casual is too casual" - even
in  the famously easy-going San Francisco
Bay Area.

If your organization is interested in booking Del Blaylock as a speaker,
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